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I had the opportunity to go on Friday to the Symposium at the University of Michigan and attended the seminars (with the exception of the first block since I drove 3 hours and I overslept 30 minutes >~<), including “Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans – the Republic of JYJ” by Professor Seung-Ah Lee of Los Angles City College. As a scholar, the conference as a whole was very informational and looking forward to the book that the university is planning to published within a year that includes the scholarly papers for each speaker, including the one regarding JYJ ;D.

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Peru fanaccount


T/N:  First of all, I want to apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes that this fanaccount may have, I’m not a native english speaker and my english is pretty limited.  I also need to tell you that this fanaccount is a bit Jaejoong biased, but I tried to make it as least biased as possible. I also don’t remember well the exact order of the songs so I’m sorry if I misplaced some songs. I hope you enjoy it.

T/N2 : The videos aren’t mine. I had some problems with my camera and I couldn’t take any pictures nor video, but it’s ok, because I could enjoy better the concert that way. (Thanks to all the people who filmed this videos).

In the first part of the day, I just remember being tired, thirsty, hungry and a bit sleepy.  (The waiting under the sun was a bit tiring).  The…

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